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Susanna Zanfrini
Susanna is a humanitarian practitioner specialising in Protection and mixed migration in contexts of displacement. She has over 6 years work experience in managing programs in the Middle East and in North Africa.

She has designed and implemented a number of successful initiatives to study the mixed migration phenomenon and to increase the level of protection of people on the move, with a focus on legal protection. Susanna worked for International NGOs as a Senior Manager and with technical advisory roles.

Susanna is interested in researching mixed migration flows using protection lenses and exploring the nexus between migration and development with the involvement of diasporas.

Melissa Phillips
Melissa has an academic background in migration studies, holding a Doctorate in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Melbourne. She also has extensive professional experience in protection and mixed migration working in contexts of forced displacement including the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan), North Africa (Libya, Tunisia) and the Middle East as well as work with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and Australia for international organisations. Melissa has published widely on topics related to migration such as transit, settlement and diasporas including a book, book chapters, journal articles, open access and opinion pieces. She has also delivered conference presentations, been part of panel discussions and contributed to policy dialogues with the aim of advancing thinking on migration.


Giulia Spagna
Giulia is a field practitioner and research consultant in mixed-migration and relief aid. She holds a MSc in Refugee Studies and has been managing humanitarian projects in the Horn of Africa and Europe. She has experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative research on displaced populations and publishing on a variety of formats (reports, articles, policy briefs). She is a mixed-migration specialist for the Global Mixed Migration Secretariat (GMMS) and a profiling coordination consultant for the Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS).

Palwesha Yusuf
Palwesha is a qualitative researcher specialising in fragile and conflict-affected contexts in the Global South. She has experience designing and implementing research projects in Timor-Leste and the East and Horn of Africa. She employs a variety of research methodologies to investigate humanitarian and development policy and programming and has worked for government, UN agencies and civil society organisations to undertake research in the areas of refugees and forced migration, gender based violence and peace building. She applies a strong gender lens to research design, implementation and analysis.

Other Collaborators:
Migration Nexus has a team of consultants with extensive expertise and a wide range of skills and knowledge who have the ability to conduct research in countries of origin, transit and destination.
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